The “Inconvenience” of Fostering?

The “Inconvenience” of Fostering?

Ok, let’s be real…the thought of fostering a dog triggers many reasons why it’s not convenient and how it’ll cut into your lifestyle, right?!

Well, since I’ve personally fostered several dogs in my lifetime, I certainly can’t argue with that! BUT when was the last time you took a chance and did something out of your normal routine because you knew it was the right thing to do and the result was something incredible?

That’s how I’ve felt after fostering, nurturing and helping place a homeless dog into a loving forever home. These dogs are homeless for a variety of reasons: Their owner surrendered them to a shelter, they escaped from a backyard breeder (those terrible people who constantly breed dogs for profit), their owner released them on the streets because they didn’t want to care for them anymore.

I’m not gonna lie, these dogs aren’t perfect…they aren’t nicely groomed, they may need to be taught some manners, and they may have medical issues, but if you’re a dog lover and care about the welfare of homeless dogs, fostering can be one of the most gratifying things you and your family can do.

Yup, it’s not convenient and sometimes it’s doggone exasperating when Fido doesn’t want to cooperate but think about how wonderful you and your family will feel when you finally put your passion for dogs into action?!

Don’t ignore that “itch” you’ve got of wanting to help homeless dogs.

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