Dog Rescues We Support

With your help, we can extend our support to more rescues and save more dogs in the Southern California area

  • K9 Kismet

    “The Little Rescue with a Big Heart”, believes in the ideology of quality over quantity.

    Their primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving, permanent homes for homeless dogs; primarily dogs in shelters at-risk of euthanasia and dogs whose owners can no longer care for them.

    Their secondary mission is to help pets stay in their homes by offering pet owners assistance, when funds allow, with medical care, food and other supplies.

  • Outta the Cage

    Their mission is to get shelter animals seen as individuals in order to help find them forever families. 

    They put special focus on “at-risk” dogs, including seniors, special needs animals, and so-called dominant breeds.

    These dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters but, through targeted networking, promotion and training, they can become wonderful companions.

  • Woof Project!

    A 501c3 non-profit group comprised of dedicated volunteers who specialize in rescuing the Belgian Shepherd Malinois on the West Coast.

    The dogs they acquire in rescue are often from private or public shelters who may have been picked up as strays or turned in by their owners. Through no fault of their own, all of rescues are without a secure, loving home.

    The goal at Woof Project is to save the Belgian Malinois and match them up with loving, forever families.

    Note: Due to the larger number of dogs in the shelters (possibly related to the recent pandemic) they have had the opportunity to assist some non-Malinois dogs.

  • Thulani Senior German Shepard Rescue

    Thulani rescues and saves senior or terminally ill German Shepherd Dogs from life-threatening situations. They find homes in which these dogs can live out their natural lives in love and comfort. A medical condition is not a deciding factor, only quality of life remaining. Thulani commits to covering medical expenses for life, even after adopted, and adopts out to all of California, as well as some nearby areas in surrounding states.